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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Follow-up to the epoligue of the bombshell

Some of you contacted me and asked me the following questions:

"Why are you even talking to her when she won't give you the closure?"

Because I am the nice guy.  Truthfully, my wife wanted me to keep talking to her because she felt our friend deserves another chance.  I told her I will keep talking to our friend.  
"Is there anything I can do for you?"

Not really.  This happened between her and me...and nobody else.  She chickened out so she has to deal with the consequence.
"What special blend of pills?"

That's easy - 2 Advil and 2 Ibuprofen.  Yes, they are both NSAIDs but Advil is slow-acting and kicks in later while Ibuprofen is not and takes effect immediately.  That way, you can relieve the pain right away and then last through the day.
"Know why I stopped texting you?"

Yes, it's rather easy...you stopped because I stopped texting you to see if you noticed.  You noticed only after I posted about that, didn't you? 
"Are you serious?  Nobody seems interested in you?  What about me?"

You haven't expressed any interest in me, either anymore or at all.  That's all.  If you are interested in talking with me, just send me a message and I'll talk to you.  As for others, don't you think they would've already told me?  :)
"What has changed since you two started talking again?"

Several things:
  • She still has not been chatty with me at all - if you take any week's worth of recent chats with her, the volume would still be less than that of any given day before the first man came along.  Even after.
  • Her actions consistently do not back her words up.  Remember, she said she misses me very much and wants to talk again.  Refer back to the first item immediately above.  I have had to initiate a convo with her over and over.  4 times out of the last 30 days, she was the first to initiate.  Once every week.
  • I decided it would be best for me if I turned the clock back to a certain month before her troubles started over a year ago...where I was barely a blip on her radar at the time.  That is working out just fine for me because I wasn't that important to her then and clearly, I am not now.
  • Ever since I told her about finishing the series, she seems more "subdued" and "resigned" , as if she has come to terms with the fact that it is OVER.  Like...there's no chance for her to have me start flirting with her again.  She often stops abruptly and leaves the convo hanging...then a new day begins again and we start all over.  That's okay with me.
Know what else is interesting?  I feel okay, like my life is balanced again.  Last week, I signed up for membership at a fitness club to prepare for a half-marathon that will take place in early spring...and I have started masturbating on a consistent basis.  LOL

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Kazi G said...

And that's fine... the ball is in her court.

If she was always the one to initiate... that tells you something. If you have always had to initiate, that tells you something else.

When patterns change... then it means some evaluation is in order. But in the end, you are responsible only to you. If you have done all you can in a situation and the response is inadequate... then you must move on.

~Kazi xxx